Hot For the Holidays

We live in Arizona
in the desert
right near Phoenix.

On a hill, we own a
house, the views are
all quite scenix.

Each year at winter time
I think of climates
that are cooler

with snowbanks fun to climb
and where kids get
out of school or

get the day off altogether
and go sledding
down a hillside

just because of rotten weather.
Gee, just think of
all the thrills I'd

get if I could grow up
in a place like

Some place where they pile snow up
as high as the
window pane ya

draw a heart and spell your name in
your own breath on
when it's cold out.

Here the winter sun is flamin,
not like Christmas
cards that fold out

with their Santas and their reindeer
and their holi
days of all white.

We have lizards and no rain here.
We have dust storms
and those small bright

lights in trees to say it's Yuletide.
Just once I want
to build a snow

man all carrot nosed and jewel eyed
who is real fat
and has a bow

tie and a hand that holds a broom
stick. That'd be great.
I think I'll try

to go outside and find some room
to make him cause
I know that I

could create a fine edition
that desert sun
can't even hurt

if I broke some with tradition
and built my snow
man out of dirt.