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They're as important in business as they are in sports. To be successful in either endeavor means making the right connection, maintaining excellent communication with people who can supply the key to winning. The way to express that in today's business world is to simply say: networking.

Executive Sports Club takes networking in a new direction by allowing top executives and professional athletes to get to know one another and take full advantage of each other's expertise. It's a place where you can meet informally with people who share and understand many of your assets and goals, all as you take part in activities that raise money for a variety of charitable causes.

By centering ESC activities on sports and entertainment, leaders in business get to know other business leaders while experiencing interaction with professional athletes on a personal basis. ESC is about interaction between top businessmen to assist each other through the power of networking. The focus is to grow relationships with other businessmen through the "experience" created with athletes and entertainers present. It often means gaining marketing opportunities in the process. At the same time pro athletes, both men and women, obtain valuable tools for their transition from the locker room to the board room.

For Executive and Athlete Alike

True success in your field comes with benefits, and that's what you get with Executive Sports Club. Members-only activities aren't run-of-the-mill banquet lunches. They include an array of entertaining special events that provide interactive experiences with athletes within the events themselves, from golf retreats to unique behind-the-scenes experiences at big-time athletic venues. And because these activities are ESC only, members can count on finding a networking environment unlike any other. ESC has also developed a powerful "Co-op" model to provide access to strategic aligned and established events throughout the breath of each community. Events are centered on networking and fun and "Doing well while doing good"!

For the successful Business Leader, ESC provides a special opportunity to interact with "like minded" businessmen and share their skills with professional athletes who already have achieved a proven track record on the court, field, pitch or diamond! Conversations held in the friendly confines of ESC events can be the building blocks for long term business to business relationships while involving leading athletes as they move into life after sports.

Enjoy the Benefits of Sponsorship

Corporate event sponsors can rest assured that they will find an audience of the highest level, all while reaching out to a wide variety of charitable foundations, many established by business members and athlete members alike. These community leaders will be working to fund programs that enrich the lives of children, fight disease, expand education and so much more. Many established companies have seen the advantages of reaching ESC's attractive demographic groups through event sponsorship, and the list continues to expand. ESC's "co-op" event model - provides our sponsors multiple opportunities for exposure beyond ESC operated events.

Expanding Toward the Future

As Executive Sports Club moves forward into new markets and new opportunities, it is building on a sound model that has been thoroughly tested over the past 18 months. The founding members remain, joined by new additions, to forge local partnerships that expand the model into new markets under Limited Liability Corporations. Each market will be jointly owned by the parent company and local ownership groups. This formula, coupled with athlete partners in each market area, provides the vision that leads ESC toward continued success.

One program that will bring high rewards is the Legends and Alumni Event Services. Parent company SRE is partnering with leading universities and colleges such as The University of Nebraska and others to provide turn-key fundraising events. Luminary athletes from each of these top institutions get together with boosters, alumni and supporters for a fantasy experience that involves activities on the field, in the locker room, Golf and Dinner.

About the ESC Team

Founder and CEO, Bart Nolde, brings the experience of over 14 years in the sports industry and 8 ½ years of active duty as a U.S. Army Officer. His sports accomplishments include having crafted relationships with high profile companies such as Discover Card, Coca-Cola and the New York Yankees. Joining Bart are innovators such as: Allan Woodlief, CFO, an expert in corporate finance, planning and management; attorney Joseph Isaacs, President, a veteran of 20 plus years in national business development and Earl Fitzgerald, one of the founders of Kindercare, the standard setter in child care.

Other business leaders on the partnership team include: Irv Cohen, who took the Levi Strauss Company's Women's Division from start up to over $200 million in revenue; Robert Gries, whose background includes over 50 years of family involvement in the ownership group of the Cleveland Browns, founder of the Tampa Bay Storm and owner of the Orlando Predators. He now operates a 100M hedge fund; Dr. Gary Dresden, who ran American Medical Management for 20 years; J. O. Stright, a major supplier to U.S. Steel; and many others. The team also includes an Investment Banking Firm to meet the company's capital needs as it grows its model across the country.

The sports stars on ESC's board truly shine: Broadcaster and NFL great Deion Sanders heads athlete procurement; Pro Bowl quarterback, Brad Johnson, with the third highest career completion percentage ever, is a founding member; Brad Culpepper, captain and defensive tackle on Florida's first SEC Championship team, is also a founding member. Irving Fryar, Nebraska Cornhusker and NFL receiver, and Shane Matthews, who set 50 University of Florida quarterback records before moving on to the Chicago Bears, are also Athlete Partners along with many other high profile athletes.

ESC gives you a quality business experience that also happens to be pure fun. Executive Sports Club - "Everyone's a Winner".