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Teflon Fabric Protection

One of the best things about being a kid is the complete lack of limits to the imagination. A plastic pool in the backyard is all it takes to be a great sailor or pirate standing on the deck of your ship while the salt spray hits you in the face. A garden hose and a step ladder, and you're an heroic firefighter battling an unseen blaze as you rescue an unwilling pet from certain danger. It's easy to be the master of your own world when you're six.

But in the real world, that salt spray can get old pretty quickly when the water is cold and the wind is hard out of the northeast. And when a real life firefighter manages a hose somewhat bigger than the one in the flower bed, their already heavy protective gear can become water logged and uncomfortable, even to the point of adding to hazardous working conditions.

Those were some of the things that the grown-up chemists at DuPont had in mind when they first developed Teflon fabric protectors for rainwear and outdoor clothing. The cool thing about it is that though it's bound to each individual fiber of a garment, you can't see it, smell it or feel it. But you know it's there because water and oil based liquids bead right up. But do you know what's even cooler? You don't have to be a rugged firefighter to enjoy it.

Today, Teflon fabric protection resists stains and water in all sorts of apparel like your kids' school clothes or your designer jacket. It protects virtually all the fabrics that you wear everyday. So if you happen to spill a little red wine on your white shirt during a business lunch, just blot it away. Teflon fabric protection makes it that easy.

And should you start imagining yourself a pirate as you catch a little spray next time you're watering the zinnias, that's okay. We're not talking.

Teflon Cookware

Cooks of every stripe have long known the convenience and reliability of Teflon. Over the years, all sorts of chefs and bakers have counted on Teflon to make their lives a little easier. That's one big reason that the good people at DuPont have decided to reintroduce the Teflon name into markets worldwide.

That's not to say that Teflon ever went away. You might have bought it under another brand name, like Silverstone, but the fact is that it was still high quality Teflon cookware. And now with new branding, buying it will be as simple as using it.

It all starts with Teflon Classic, cookware that's easy to use and easy to clean. If you cook a little more often and want to get some added durability, you might want to step up to the proven products of Teflon Xtra.

Then there are those who might really put their kitchen through its paces. They might want to choose Teflon Select with scratch and abrasion resistance and added tougheners that will extend the life of the coating.

At the top of the pyramid are Teflon Platinum and Teflon Platinum Pro, two new coatings that hold the title of toughest Teflon yet. Teflon Platinum brings added resistance to scratches, abrasions and stains. It's a surface that will work hard and look new for a long time. Teflon Platinum Pro brings the same great attributes to commercial style cookware. It's an advanced formula that was developed with an eye toward high performance and premium cookware products.

The very top of the line remains DuPont Autograph, the ultimate in durability and performance. It's always custom formulated for the products in which its being used.

Across the board, you can count on Teflon to make your life in the kitchen easier. So no matter if you're cooking for yourself or a restaurant full of hungry customers, you'll find a level of Teflon cookware that is the perfect fit.

DuPont Ultralux Fabric

When the newest team in the National Football League trots onto their home field for the first time in the fall of 2002 and looks up at a packed house, they'll be standing on natural turf and be bathed in sunlight. If they're like most athletes, both the players and their knees should be thanking their lucky stars for that real grass. On the other hand, the roof may be closed. How do they plan to pull that off? Why, with help from the folks at DuPont, of course.

Reliant Stadium, the new state-of-the-art home of the Houston Texans, will sport a retractable, translucent fabric roof that will allow 25% sunlight transmission, that's enough to keep the grass growing. It's made with Ultralux architectural membrane from Saint-Gobain, a patented fiberglass fabric coated with Teflon that measures less than a millimeter in thickness, yet still meets all the building codes. In fact, Ultralux can hold up to around 900 pounds per square inch. Pretty tough stuff for see-through.

When the Texans decide to open the roof, it'll be a true outdoor stadium, of course, with the joy of all the elements. But even with it closed, the translucency of Teflon will help give players and spectators the feel and ambiance of the outdoors, only in air-conditioned comfort. Plus Teflon will help the roof withstand high heat, humidity, torrential rain and those ultraviolet rays. And we're just guessing that the people in Houston might be expecting one or more of those.

"That's a slippery little halfback, Pat." Maybe "Look at him glide through the lane". Or how about "The linebacker put a big hit on him, but couldn't make it stick"? Bet you never spent a moment's time trying to figure out how many terms can apply to both sports and Teflon. Well, that's too bad.

The fact is that Teflon shows up in many surprising corners of the world of sports. That favorite athlete that you're watching just might be wearing it, running on it, riding on it, gliding on it, or playing under it.

Teflon fabric protection is very likely to be keeping those golfers dry during the Friday round at Augusta or skiers dry during a downhill run at Salt Lake. When those Olympic swimmers make the final turn to drive for the record, it could be Teflon in their suits that cuts down on water resistance. Even when those off road racers splash up mud at the Baja, it might be Trico wiper blades with a Teflon edge that let's them see where they're going.

Cool technology? Sure. But it doesn't need to just be for the professionals. Even the weekend athlete can protect her feet with Blisterguard socks. A Teflon multifilament fiber that's knit right into the sock cuts down on friction, chafing and skin irritation. There are lubricants for your bicycle that use Teflon to make your ride smoother and faster. And if you like to ice skate, there's Fastrax skate blade treatment. It's a liquid that contains Teflon in a powdered form so you glide faster and further.

You might have experienced Teflon protection in sports without ever knowing it. Chances are awfully good that if you watch sports on television, you seen games played under a Teflon coated roof. The Carrier Dome at Syracuse University is covered with six and a half acres of Teflon coated, fiberglass fabric. The Pontiac Silverdome near Detroit boasts ten acres of the same stuff.

So play hard and enjoy. Then when you come home all tired and hungry, make yourself a nice grilled cheese. You already knew it was in your pan.